On The Subject of Abortion

Dear Families,

I’ve been meaning to start a blog in order to provide folks with some free, tactical information about paths to family building.  After listening to Donald Trump speak about abortion at the third presidential debate, I was compelled to begin on this topic. 

I should begin by saying that, for myself, I do not believe in abortion.  Having started out as a radical feminist in college, I come to that decision after three life-changing experiences. 

First, I had two abortions. They were necessary (the fetuses has lost heartbeat) and early (both under 10 weeks). They were also crushing. I’ll never forget the room. I’ll never forget the sound.  I’ll never forget that hope was vacuumed out of me. 

Second, I had two children. They are beautiful and joyous; they are infuriating and unnerving.  I can't remember a time in my life when it was any other way. I can’t imagine a non-health related scenario where I wouldn’t be inclined to bring another package of glory & pain into the world, if not for me than for someone else.  Why?

Because, third, I’ve spent years working with women and seeing the agony that goes along with even the smallest blip in trying to grow your family.  How could I take that away from someone?  It is my life’s passion to help families bring the joy of a child into their lives.  So many people work so hard at building a family, only to endure so many failures.  We live in a global economy; if you have an unwanted pregnancy, there are literally thousands of ways to get connected with an adopting family, often with financial reimbursement for the birth mother's living expenses in the process. 

So that’s me.  If a healthy, immaculate conception came along, I would not abort.  But one thing is so eminently clear after listening to Donald Trump's uneducated rant on abortion - a man who was inches away from being the leader of the free world - and that is: women MUST have the right to choose for themselves.  Government does not belong in these decisions.  Hillary Clinton put it exactly right when she said this is a personal decision between a woman, her doctor, and her faith. 

If you’d like to see an alternative to the alarmist rhetoric that is often trumpeted by the right-to-life crowd, a cogent description of the kinds of things that really happen around a late term abortion can be found here:


Peace and Progress,